Alvin Fred: A Scholar's Life

Honestly, I do not have any exact answer of how is it feels to be a scholar. Rather, it is more about how am I doing in adapting college’s life, particularly in UNITEN. The first time I entered this university and joined the PPOU group of College Of Foundation and General Studies, I was kind of worried the fact that I came all the way from Borneo and used to lived in a closed community. However, once I started the course it was going well. With all the good lecturers and amiable people that I met I instantly felt like home.

The good thing of being a scholar is that you got to enjoy your college’s life without worrying too much on money. I have to say that it was my purpose of applying JPA scholarship because I think my old man has sacrificed a lot in financing my study for what I can recall. So, I think it is about time I need to ease them from that burden, and with all the blessings that God gave to me, I was chosen as one of the scholars.

Getting back to college’s life, it is indeed far different from what I experienced at my high school. Here, I need to do almost everything on my own from the money budget till the time management. Like I said, they are almost the same like everybody else’s. However one thing that is for sure, that knowledge doesn’t come to us, rather, we have to find them or experience them personally and only then we are able to adapt better in the college’s societies.

Looking back after a year of being as a scholar in UNITEN, it was a life-changing experience I must say. Now I know how it is like to rush on the assignment as it was due in few days time, or to deal with lecturer that constantly changes in moods and still, they are the ones who will be deciding our final grades, or to be a stronger and more assertive person towards temptations and so. These are precious experiences that I am sure will be needed once I pursue to the next stages-which is studying in the United States, getting my degree, and chasing my long-life ambition of becoming a great forensics in the near future. 

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