Daryl Yong: A segment of a PPOU scholar’s perspective

To those who will be,
And to those who have been.
Law dictates that time flies,
That becomes relateless in relative to the Milky Way,
We cannot turn time that is for sure,
But we can be the pilots who man time.

The end of the road is in sight. The door to another exciting path lies ahead. Isn’t it amazing that a year has passed so fast? From the clueless people we were, to the now hopefully better persons we are, time has indeed left its mark on us. However, let us take a moment to reflect; as a soul without reflection, like a pile without inhabitant, to ruin runs.
Of the many experiences that we have went through, I believe nothing comes first than the people whom we have been with. For it is these people that makes us who we are and what we do. Dear friends, do not underestimate the importance of relationships. We did be surprised if we looked back and see how our friends and teachers have influence us in ways we could not have imagined. We did be surprised if we take a moment and recall the help they have given - be it helping each other with essays or exams, sharing moments of vulnerability, or even celebrating each other’s achievements. Hence, take this opportunity to remind yourself to keep in touch and to fortify the bonds that shackle us.
Wretchedness, sorrow, joy and bliss; a multitude of feelings that had encroached upon us time to time throughout our year-long journey. There were spells when we grieved for scores, grades and rejections. There were intervals when we felt we were defeated so terribly that there was just no way back. Yet, there were also instances when we exult for letter of acceptance, excellent results and expectations met. Yes, some of us might have just felt one, or two or even neither, but life is never the whole shebang of successes. In this matter, it's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get back up. And there lies the beauty behind every one of us. Throughout my time in UNITEN, I have seen the strength that made us scholars. I have seen the potency that made individuals chose us. I have seen the vigor that keeps us going when times were bleak. But beware; what we have withstood is likely to increase in its intensity. Prove your worth by rising up to the trials of life.
Dear friends, just becoming or having become a PPOU scholar is nothing to be proud of. Rather, it is the willingness of one to take on challenges and make meaningful changes that counts. My honest opinion would tell you that I believe all of us can alter the future. We have organized a conference, a carnival for orphans, competitions and whatnot. We have done what we thought we could have done. We have made changes. More importantly, however, we have the ability to dream of endless possibilities. But are we ready to take on these dreams and bring it to reality? After all, the only difference between an achiever and a dreamer is that the former walks the dreams.
Friends, let us believe that this ending is just a beginning to a greater story, one that will rock the world in time to come.  Let us have the inspiration to stand up tall, the ability to carve our path, and the knowledge to help our world. Let us never never never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never forget that in spite of all our successes to come, the essence in us scholars is our purpose in life.
What purpose? That is for you to decide.

Daryl Yong – He is a mature person with a childlike mind; a future economist who still likes to play DOTS. He is also a sporty guy who plays badminton and soccer smartly but not energetically. Pitiful guy who always fall down.

Daryl Yong | University of Washington, Seattle(Class of 2015)

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