Alwin Tan: A Scholar's Life

It was after my Chemistry examination that I checked my results of my PSD scholarship application. I was too nervous to check the outcome of the application before my exam, afraid that it might affect my performance of my examination. Either way, I’m still happy and grateful for that outcome.

The feeling of being acknowledged as a scholar is just beyond description. It was one of the turning points in my life and is a stepping stone for me as I seek to pursue my ambition to be a renowned economist in this social science field. Turning points – because I was given the opportunity to mingle around with other scholars as well; stepping stone – because I am granted the privilege to study abroad and seek more knowledge and exposure.

But that was just not what the scholarship has given me. It was way beyond the “free” education that it provides. The circle of friends and the close-knit relationship between counselors, lecturers and students were the ones that I value most in this scholarship. The chance to be in the same class with my classmates for three semesters is clearly difficult to be achieved. Some of us manage to forge such close friendships to the extent that we call ourselves the ‘A’ Family. Aishwariya, Ainil and Ayu, thanks for the wonderful memory you have given me.

And then, there was the chance to mix with people of different races and religions, to understand the other races’ culture as well as to learn some colloquial Malay. (Main, bonggol etc. :P) Not forgetting as well the opportunity to experience the life of living in a hostel. My roommate, Allen, (he’s practicing for his performance now as I write this down. :D) has continuously given me free entertainment in terms of singing. It’s like watching American Idol live in Amanah, just that he’s the only candidate in this reality show. My housemates, LCD and Alvin.. FUHH never fail to make me laugh. Then, the ability to shout to the occupant living below like nobody’s business is enjoyable too. Ohh, besides Allen’s singing, I get to listen to Daryl playing his piano too. Haha, how awesome that is! I guess Chin Hui should be used to it by now.

So that’s basically a snippet of the life of a scholar. Yes, we need to live up to the high expectation on us, but the incentives are all that are listed above. My dear PPOU Section One 2010/2011 classmates, thank you for making this academic year so memorable. And to other PPOU students, you rock too! Let’s conquer the States soon too. Keep in touch!

Thanks for everything, everyone. :)

With love,
Alwin Tan Wee Giat

Alwin Tan Wee Giat | University of Washington, Seattle(Class of 2015)

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